Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

Illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are addicting.  That means after your first try, you could be hooked on them.  Sometimes people die after trying drugs the first time.  You have to be 21 years old to drink alcohol and 18 years old to use tobacco.  Illegal means “against the law”.

  1. Illegal drugs harm your body and can even effect your brain function
  2. Only take prescription drugs if the doctor prescribed them to you and always take the amount your doctor wants you to.
  3. Never take someone else’s medicine.  It is illegal and could harm you.
  4. Alcohol is also a drug.  It effects your balance, how you act, and could hurt your body.  If you drink alcohol and you are under 21, you could go to jail.
  5. Tobacco has a drug called nicotine.  Nicotine is what makes people addicted to tobacco.
  6. Tobacco can cause diseases that effect many parts of your body.
  7. Always say “NO” to illegal drugs
  8. Never try alcohol or tobacco unless you are of legal age.  When you are of legal age, think carefully before trying either of these.
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