September 2014 Newsletter from Brian

September 2014 Newsletter From Commissioner Brian

Brothers in Arms

I am one that has always been straight up and said what I think about what I believe. I have been transparent in my faith and my desire to serve people and all of God’s creation.

I have a few things to say that I can’t disregard as my heart breaks and is not comfortable in being quiet. I can’t help but to speak my mind. I understand everyone has their beliefs and opinions and I also understand that the below written is just mine, but I must speak it.

I have been watching and listening for many years as I have served as an Officer sworn not only to God, but to you as citizens of this great country and specifically this county and state, to protect and serve. Even to the end of my life, if necessary, in so doing.

Every time a sworn Soldier, Officer, Fire Fighter, Medic, dawns the uniform that represents this Country and the citizens that we have sworn to protect, we put our lives on the line, not only in existence on this earth, but to our God and His Creation in His Will and pleasure.

As those who serve lace the strings on their shoes or boots, I pray that our God is gracious and merciful to them and those we serve.

As I have seen over the last almost 30 years, I have watched in disappointment as we have lost those things that were of so much value to us as a people and a country.

Our society has declined in the moral and ethical values that were once so cherished, respected, and held us to a higher standard and calling. I have watched as those who care, serve, and keep this world from chaos are driven to their knees and spat upon. I have watched as those given to service have failed and fallen prey to those who would attack, humiliate, and desecrate their name and character. I have watched as some have fallen of their own discord and have failed to be able to hold to a higher standard. They are human beings who chose to serve in a standard that failed as many humans do. But as we are held to a higher standard, our faith cannot waiver and we must not allow ourselves to fall prey to those things that are of this decaying world. We must lift ourselves above the upside down attitude of those who wish to apply their evil to the lives of those we serve. We must stand true through the trials and temptations of this world and the bad that is inherent in it. I was watching my favorite secular show, Blue Bloods, the other day and want to quote a little statement that Tom Selleck made during a time of accusation to an officer.

“I would like to point out here that police officers make split second decisions every day. Making judgment calls as part of their jobs. Their intention is not to cause harm. Their intention is to avoid harm. If an officer makes the wrong call, it not only effects citizens, but also affects officers themselves in ways that only someone who has walked in their shoes can fully understand. Cops are held to a higher standard of accountability than the rest of the population, as they should be. But never forget that they are people too. Men and women subject to the same doubts and regrets that all of us are. I’m not asking for anyone to cut us slack, not at all. But a little recognition for the conditions under which our men and women operate, that would go a long way.”

I could not help but to repeat this statement.

As we are attacked by those who wish not to be true and honest, such as those who call themselves leaders and valiant men and women of honor. Those who make their fortunes on the backs of those whom they oppress and hold down. Those who would speak in slurs and falsehood of what is true and right. Those who claim to be of cloth, which are not. Those who speak hate, false religion, and lies. Those who speak of equality, but stink of prejudice. Those who have become great in this worldly domain and whorish of those things of material strength through these lies and manipulative speech. You know who you are, shame on you and those who support you. Lies of promised justice while serving injustice. You will receive of that you deserve.

We will be judged for our hearts. We will have to make split second decisions of life and death not only for those we serve, but for ourselves. In that cause there will be times of confusion, times of human judgment, times of life altering decisions. We can only depend on our hearts, our faith, and our training to hopefully make the decisions that ring true, and go home to our families to fight another day.

But I contend that most who serve are true in their desires, direction, and heart. I have served with many and am humbled to be called to this realm. I have been blessed in this serving and am content in my heart. I know that I and many others will be justified in the end, when all things become final and the Creator takes us home, not because of my faith, but because of His.

Until then, I will serve with all diligence and will protect without malice, prejudice, and evil. I will stand on my faith knowing whom I serve.

I will proudly continue my oath and call myself among those who put their lives on the line every day. I will support, fight for, and stand beside My Brothers in Arms.

Now for the state of the County of Johnson in the realm of Commissioner.

Many things are continuing on and some things will be coming to a close. The new East Annex is complete and all have moved in. Things seem to be working well and the newly remodeled old Key Bank building is now officially termed the East Annex. We moved the staff from the east end of the North Annex to the East Annex, so we could remodel the east end of the North Annex, so we could move the west end of the North Annex to the east end of the North Annex, so we could remodel the west end of the North Annex for the new Superior Court that we were mandated to establish by our State Legislators. I will not even go there for now. That is for another Newsletter. At least we are using buildings we already have in our inventory. The east end of the North Annex is complete and is totally occupied and moving forward. We should have the west end of the North Annex complete
and ready to move into by November 15, 2014. We seem to be on a good schedule for that to happen. We need to be up and running with this Court by January 1, 2015. We should be good there.

The new 911 Center is behind our schedule by approximately 2 weeks, but we should be moving into the new building with our combined Dispatch by somewhere between November 15 to November 20, 2014. This STATE mandated process is also scheduled to be complete by January 1, 2015, so we should be good here also.

I have taken on the responsibility of Construction Manager of these projects to allow saving those funds that would have been paid out. I have definitely covered the three Commissioners wages for the past two years in doing this. I am happy about that. I will continue to do these types of things to help save taxpayer funds.

I continue to deal with the everyday operations for the Commissioners and am still working full-time in my part-time paid position. I am not complaining, just noting. I committed to this job and will work whatever hours are necessary to fulfill my commitment. I do enjoy the job and love serving you.

There is much more going on, but these are the highlights since I took so much of your time on the previous rabbit trail.

I intend on reporting again in a more timely matter. I will do my best to have another Newsletter by year end, so that I can tell you what we will be doing in 2015. I hope to be a little less busy and be able to take some uninterrupted time off in 2015, but it is what it is and I can only hope.

I will be rabbit trailing on our justice system in the next issue……………. Please stay tuned as you will want to hear this one.

Thank you for reading. I hope you read it to this end and did not have too much frustration in so doing.

Please come visit me if you are in the area. I always enjoy a chatting break. I have M&M’s and Skittles in my office!

God Bless!


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